Saturday, May 19, 2007

Glenn Beck Still In Ratings Basement
"The ratings for Monday and Tuesday of this week do not bode well for Glenn Beck.

On Monday, Beck was dead last in the 25-54 demographic in his 7pm time slot. His 86,000 in the demographic beat only two other shows.. his lead-in (Prime News) and Tucker Carlson (6pm).

On Tuesday, the story repeats itself as Beck with his 95,000 in the demographic is once again dead last in his 7pm time slot and he beats only Prime News and Tucker once again.

The bottom line? Glenn Beck is a ratings failure and quite frankly an embarrassment for Headline News and more specifically CNN. His ratings show no sign of increasing, and in fact his numbers have been going down steadily over the past months.

How long will CNN tolerate Glenn Beck's ratings?"

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