Thursday, June 7, 2007

American Reporter's Arrest Captured On YouTube
"I may have spoken too soon yesterday, lauding the freedom of the press in America, contrasting it with Venezuelan President Chavez' takeover of the airwaves. I didn't speak out of turn, however, when sharing a sincere appreciation for the power of YouTube.

In case you missed it, Venezuelan RCTV is broadcasting on YouTube after being booted by the government – a testament to the sheer necessity of a site like YouTube for the democratic process. It's hard to spin when cold hard evidence is readily present and can be uploaded from anywhere.

United States Presidential hopeful and former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani received a rather interestingly timed smiting, perhaps from the Almighty himself last night. Just as he was about to address his Pro-Choice stance and respond to Catholic criticism that he was a Pontius Pilate, lightning struck and cut off his mic.

But something else was going on among the press corps, according to bloggers. A YouTube video has surfaced showing's Matt Lepacek, who claimed to have proper press credentials at CNN's Republican debate, being arrested at the command of Giuliani's press secretary after asking a question.

Never mind the question itself. It was a rather audacious query about Giuliani's knowledge of a terrorist threat prior to 9/11. And that's something we'd rather not get into here.

But Lepacek's arrest brings up some serious questions about freedom of the press, especially since Lepacek is being held on charges of criminal trespassing and espionage.

Yes, espionage. Apparently webcams at debates count for that.

Luckily for those wondering what they're not seeing in the mainstream press, there is citizen journalism in the world today, where digital cameras are ever-present. YouTube is making an impact – a big one.

Hopefully, the big boys in traditional media will jump on this atrocity as an apparently innocent man is sitting in jail on trumped on charges by the New Hampshire police acting on the command of a press secretary."

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cnphipps said...

I'll say it again backward.
If this makes you think we need a champion of the Constitution in the White House--you are exactly right.

Dr. Ron Paul 2008