Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gingrich Forecasts Ron Paul Nomination?
Take a look at the following and tell me if Ron Paul isn’t the only nominee that Newt describes…
WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Newt Gingrich, in a jab at President Bush, warned on Friday that the GOP will lose the White House and Congress in 2008 if the nominee is perceived as a continuation of the Bush presidency.
Addressing a conservative organization, the former House Speaker never mentioned the president by name, but his political point was clear.
“If the Republicans run a stand-pat presidential candidate who ends up being on defense for all of September and October and who is seen by the country as representing four more years, the fact is that Republicans are not going to” win, Gingrich told the American Enterprise Institute.
Newt probably thought that “being on defense” meant apologizing for Bush’s missteps, but I think those words could speak to something far more interesting. Because, honestly, what Republican is going to back down from Bush’s post-9/11 defense stance? Anybody you can think of?
And furthermore, who will back down from his spending habits? Who will take positions that are consistent with true conservative ideology?
I can think of only one candidate, and oddly enough it isn’t Newt.
Want more proof?
In a glimpse of what his candidacy might look like, he said he would shut down public schools that aren’t performing and offer a $20 billion reward for the first private company that successfully completes a Mars mission.
“Somebody would be there and back about 40 percent of the way into the NASA process,” he said.
Yeah…those are big ideas.
In any event, for those who read this site on a regular basis know, I’ve been talking a lot about Ron Paul lately. It’s not becuase I necessarily endorse the man, but I certainly think he’s one of the most exciting things to happen to the Republican party in the last 20 years.
In any event, keep talking Newt. You may just predict the future yet.

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