Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dr. Ron Paul, Winning the Hearts and Minds in the Heartland= Debate Update

Dr. Ron Paul, Winning the Hearts and Minds in the Heartland-Debate Update

One thing was clear, Ron Paul is beloved, and why the heck not. He is the kindly old
Dr. Marcus Welby brought to life, with a clear political vision.

Dr. Paul has common sense, people of all political stripes resonate with his message.

He has a strong moral character, and yes, he's good enough, he's smart enough,
and doggone it, people love him.

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cnphipps said...

Yes, Dr. Paul is both intelligent and likable. It gives me no end of pleasure to think of how frightened the corporate media and the Washington power structure is of a slender, 72 year old kindly grandfather. It's not him that scares them--it's his message--they stand to lose their iron grip on American politics and their strangle hold on public opinion. In fact, the RP R3volution has already been seriously eroding it.