Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's in a Name- Don't Pillory Hillary or "Iraq" Barack

People react and respond to names. For politicians, this can be good or bad.
For the democrats, they have an uphill struggle.

Hillary (Formerly known as Rodham) Clinton had two things against her, well, maybe three. Hillary sounds silly. Rodham (which she dropped), said fast, sounds like ROTTEN, and then, Clinton, well some people are still dumb enough to be pissed off about the "blue dress affair" with Monica Lewinsky ("It's an ill wind that blows no good").

And then, there's poor Barack Obama. His first name SOUNDS like Iraq, almost like someone at the North Pole (brrrrrrr) trying to say Iraq while they are shivering from cold . Brrrr-Iraq.

Then there's the middle name "Hussein" . That tied with the first name, is just damn unfortunate at a subconscious level. On top of that, the last name is OBAMA. For God's sake, the only way to make his name worse would be just to say
to Hell with it...and change it slightly to IRAQ HUSSEIN OSAMA. That's a buzzkill if there ever was one.

By comparison, John Edwards is almost American Pie itself. He may as well be named John Doe or Joe Smith.

Now , on this name topic. think about this.

If we elect Dr. Ron Paul, we would say mucho bucks on ink and toner.

Ron Paul has the shortest name of any candidate. I think, if he were elected, it would be AS SHORT or SHORTER than any president ever elected. When you think about the ink and toner used in newspapers, magazines, reports, official documents, letterheads, you name it, that could save thousands over a 4 year period counting both governmental and private sector articles, memos, documents, et.

So, there's yet ANOTHER great reason to vote for RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2008.

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