Thursday, June 7, 2007


"Too much rouge" Rudy Giuliani, tried to promote himself as
"America's Mayor", but it turned out that crossdressing Rudy, is "America's Failure".

Well, we do have an American that we can call "America's Reporter", Matt Lepacek of Matt Lepacek had the "huevos" to ask the Giuliani "tool" Ed Goeas (is that "GO ASS"?) the pollster for Too Much Rouge Rudy, tough questions.

Apparently, Goeas had nothing to answer his questions, and I think he said something like "back off" or some macho crap. The next thing you know, police are taking Matt away, and apparently,
have charged him with, what on its face appears to be a bogus, felonious criminal trespass charge, when, the elements of criminal trespass appear to be lacking.

So, if Too Much Rouge Rudy got elected, he apparently would be having people arrested and charged with bogus charges and roughed up by the police right and left.

The question is simple. When did the law enforcement of New Hampshire start being Giuliani's "crew" and do his bidding, if that is indeed the case.

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