Friday, June 1, 2007

Ron Paul - Of the People, By the People, For the Peopl

What do most of the last ten presidents of the United States have in common ?
They were all rich.

What do all of the alleged top / frontrunners for president have in common ?
They are all rich.

Ron paul is NOT RICH. Furthermore, he doesn't owe favors or allegiances to big Pharma, to big Oil, or the rest of the corporations that have controlled this country for decades.

Ron Paul is quite clearly and quite simply the candidate of the EveryMan, the average citizen, the Poor Joe or Mary working every day hard to make ends meet.

Think about this. If you vote for a rich candidate who hobknobs with the elite to get their money, doesn't it make sense these folks giving money to these candidates expect something in exchange?

Ron Paul's donations are the small ones coming from Joe and Mary America, the folks who fix your car, who sell you your bread, the people who own the few remaining "mom and pop" stores.

Do you want to get some honesty and integrity back in the White House?
Do you want to get us out of these illegal and wasteful foreign entanglements?
Do you want to get some ability to be proud once more that you are an American?
Do you want to get a handle on the illegal immigration ?


Dr. Ron Paul is in fact, the people's candidate, and that's why "Too Much Rouge" Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, George Bush, and the rest of the NeoCons hate him.

Bush et al, fawn on the globalists and money elite. Giuliani is a crossdressing multimillionaire lawyer...Ron Paul is a country doctor from Texas, salt of the earth.


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