Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I gotta tell ya...you know how to make yourself really, really sick of something?

Take something as revolting as maggots covering rotten meat, put a bald head on it, give it round glasses, and have it yap and yap and yap. Do that, and you have that mincing, crossdressing, shyster called "GIULIANI" or more properly,
"Too much Rouge" Rudy Giuliani, also known as "America's Failure".

If you're a bulimic, I hope you caught the debate, because, if you needed to retch easily, nothing like that prancing, mincing, fecal bag, Rudy "I wanna talk and talk" Giuliani, to help faciliate projectile regurgitation.

Hey, does "America's Failure" pay extra on these debates to walk forward and hog the limelight like a diva?


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