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Over at the Daily Kos site, there is a breakdown of the events displayed and documented in the YouTube video, in which, for no good reason, reporter, Matt Lepacek of, is arrested, ostensibly at the behest of Ed Goeas, or others in the Giuliani crew.

Sue Goeas, Arrest One Goffstown Cop
by davefromqueens
Fri Jun 08, 2007 at 09:15:19 PM PDT
Although this is a couple of days old, we can't let this story go away.
I've broken down the video where Giuliani's Press Sec. Ed Goeas has reporter Matt Lepacek arrested for asking a question along with the reaction of ONE Goffstown cop who committed several torts and I believe a crime in handling the situation.
The major points are this:
Goeas should be sued for every penny he's worth.
1 police officer overstepped his bounds while 2 other police officers who were next to Lepacek did their jobs professionally.
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About 20 seconds into the video Goeas is asked a question he is u
50 Second mark - Goeas says to Lepacek "give me your documentation or back off." Lepacek explains his media credentials WITHOUT walking toward Goeas. It is Goeas who approaches Lepacek, not the other way around. Lepacek explains he's a reporter asking questions.
From the 50 second mark to the 1 minute and 30 second mark, two police officers are by Lepacek hearing the whole exchange. There is no problem, no crimes. And these 2 police officers deserve credit for doing their jobs properly at this point.
At the 1:40 second mark, Lepacek turns away when some Giuliani supporter yells out, "You should ask your own candidate these questions sir."
At this point Lepacek WALKS AWAY.
That's when the 3rd officer states, "You can go, you're leaving now. You're leaving right now."
Remember Lepacek was WALKING AWAY before the 3rd officer spoke. The 3rd officer at the 1:45 mark assaults Lepacek on his arm and at the 1:52 mark pushes Lepacek. This is clearly a case where an officer BROKE THE LAW and should be terminated for cause ASAP. (Again, 2 other cops did their jobs properly and these 2 cops were the ones closest to the situation. This cop came out of the blue and acted like a Brownshirt.)
Goeas then laughs about it with his pie in the face comments.
We then see Lepacek being taken out and another gentleman explaining cogently in one minute what happened.
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