Thursday, June 7, 2007

Do "Too Much Rouge" Giuliani's Own Kids Hate Him?
"Republican primary voters were thrilled to learn Rudy Giuliani’s kids hate him as much as his many ex-wives, because what self-respecting GOP voter doesn’t despise his loathsome children and wives? The ex-New York mayor and neo-fascist, famous for standing around after terrorists crashed planes into New York buildings, is suddenly the super front-runner."
"Giuliani - “Lying, so easy a caveman could do it!”
It couldn’t be more clear how Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly lied to the public about what really happened 9-11. Here we have the entire N.Y. Fire dept saying hes a liar and yet Giuliani pushes forward claiming to be a hero when nothing could be further from the truth.
I guess for the current administration and supporters like Rudy Giuliani lying is a way of life and will be until Americans call him and the current administration on their absurd lies. Let’s not forget that even though we have a republican president that the democratic side aside from a very few (of which Hillary and obama are not part of) are calling people out on the things that really matter to all of us. His kids wont talk to him, his ex-wives hate him, the NYFD calls him a crook and liar, he has to pay for his debate audience applaud him and were supposed to believe this guy?"

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