Thursday, June 7, 2007

Las Vegas Odds on Ron Paul slashed from 200-1 to 15-1 and continuing to improve

The mainstream media, GOP bigwigs, and everyone else, continues to be frustrated as Ron Paul is winning hearts and minds. Las Vegas odds were 200 to 1. They are now down to 15 to 1 and it will be continuing to get better.


unlawflcombatnt said...

It seems like his odds would be even lower than that. He's won each debate on almost every poll. In most polls he received more votes than the other 9 candidates combined. Even on the liberal Daily Kos, Ron Paul was the winner with 33% of the vote. His popularity is widespread and extends to Democrats and Independents. The only people he's not popular with are the Corporate media plutocrats.


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cnphipps said...

I totally agree that the odds are going to continue to get better and better as more and more people hear about Dr. Paul. The corporate media has done its best to minimize or ignore Dr. Paul. Those days are over, but now I look for direct attacks on him and attempts to make his supporters look like fools.