Wednesday, June 6, 2007

CSPAN Journal callers after debate give win to Dr. Ron Paul

The Live Call-In show on C-Span called "Washington Journal" was flooded with calls in favor of Ron Paul, and democrats, republicans, independents, and libertarians were calling saying that of all the republican candidates, ONLY Dr. Ron Paul won their vote. The host had to acknowledge that C-Span gets a lot of pro-Ron Paul calls, and he seemed to be a bit puzzled, and asked one why she supported what Paul said. She gave GREAT answers.

It is clear that the media has their orders to push the other candidates, but they continue to be frustrated in their efforts when the public is allowed to give their input, because it is overwhelmingly in favor of Dr. Ron Paul, and the media are frustrated in their efforts to put a spin on it.

They are also frustrated that even Democrats are coming out for Ron Paul.

Vote Dr. Ron Paul..the ONLY clear choice.

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