Tuesday, June 5, 2007


There was so much fertilizer (bullsh*t) coming out of the mouths of those Repubs, I was sure grass was going to spring up from the stage.

In general, Wolf and the rest tried to avoid giving Ron Paul any serious questions and giving him the time to properly answer any given to him.

One thing I particularly got sick of , was watching that lisping crossdresser, "Too Much Rouge" Rudy Giuliani, keep yapping and yapping and yapping.

One thing though, as I watched him prance around on stage with his bright red silk tie, I kept thinking about that video of him with Donald Trump nuzzling him, with Giuliani dressed in drag, complete with lipstick and way too much rouge, and I kept returning to the question that his prancing and yapping kept bringing to mind...

IS RUDY GIULIANI GAY? In fact, that seems to make a reasonable alliteration...
Gay Giuliani. We know Giuliani is divorced, and that the divorce raised a scandal in New York.

AP) Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's estranged wife has filed for divorce, citing adultery.

The filing by Donna Hanover, 52, came more than a year and a half after Giuliani filed to divorce her, citing cruel and inhuman treatment.

Hanover's lawyer, Helene Brezinsky, said her client rejected the grounds on which Giuliani's divorce was based.

"If there's going to be a divorce, let's have the truth about why — Rudy's open and notorious adultery," she said.

Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel replied: "There is no purpose in responding to this mudslinging."


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